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Friday, 28 August 2009 21:08


The activity of Ghito Biotech is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the wholesale marketing of medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. In a time characterized by dramatic changes in legislation (Directive 2007/47/EC) and logistic (races centralized warehouses and large area) firm operating in the world of medical supplies to gain knowledge that will be critical to its business.
The shift of the market towards highly specialized devices makes it essential to adequate preparation of the sellers, who need to acquire knowledge and principles of medical terminology. The training is highly specialized in the field of medical devices,  parapharmaceuticals and small biomedical devices, moves at 360º going from technical education, scientific and commercial agents, administrative secretaries of the company, the basics of logistics management storerooms and deposit accounts up to support activities to the business plan. In carrying out its training activities the Ghito Biotech uses well-known experts in the field (Pharmacists managers, clinical engineers, logistics engineers, doctors, biologists, Providers, Vendors and Marketing experts).
The Ghito Biotech is specialized in the production of scientific material (meta-analysis, abstract, rewiew), in the study and translation of scientific texts, in market research and public opinion polling and in the preparation of promotional materials of a scientific nature.
The Ghito Biotech also provides consultancy support for the initiation and implementation of projects of the company in the field of design, advertising, marketing of medical devices, especially designs and prepares for third parties Kit surgical, procedural and assembled in order to create added value for Providers and their customers. In its activity the manufacturing Ghito Biotech is responsible for all procedures Administrative, Regulatory and Ministerial for the registration of products for the preparation of technical specifications and instructions and to identify the numbers and Repertoire of the CND.
In training the ECM Ghito Biotech performs action to support training events of a scientific nature, as in the production of educational materials and information and promoting the event in the area. The experts are also Ghito Biotech impiegnati in international projects for verification that the Community rules and the consequent CE marking and marketing in Europe of parapharmaceuticals, DM and small biomedical equipment.

Ghito Biotech through its specialized consulting pharmacists, logistic engineers and computer specialist is able to manage pharmaceuticals stores of private hospitals and cinics perform consulting and training in public institutions in order to optimize the management procedures of pharmaceutical and healthcare goods in usually through the optimization of physical and computer stores also for the certification inventory and cost of inventory and the movements towards the cost centers.

The Ghito Biotech provides consultancy services in order to comply with Legislative Decree 81 of 2008 on work safety.

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